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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Dave KnightDNSAgenda 22018-10-09
Dave KnightDNSAgenda 12018-10-09
Raymond JettenIPv6Agenda2018-10-09
Petr ŠpačekDNSD. Will your DNS break in 2019?2018-10-09
Pascal MERINDOLRoutingTNT: Revealing or Detecting All MPLS Tunnels2018-10-09
Attilla de GrootPlenaryEVPN to the Host2018-10-14
Flemming HeinoPlenaryDeploying a Disaggregated Network Model using EVPN Technology2018-10-10
Giovane MouraPlenaryWhen the Dike Breaks: Dissecting DNS Defenses During DDoS2018-10-11
Lorenzo CogottiPlenaryBGP Scanner Isolario BGP-MRT Data Reader: C library & tool2018-10-11
Sara DickinsonOpening PlenaryIt's DNS Jim, But Not as We Know It2018-10-11
Petr ŠpačekDNSG. GeoIP + DNSSEC in Knot DNS2018-10-11
Alvaro VivesTutorialRIPE Database Updates and Extras2018-10-11
Florian HiblerRoutingSegment Routing (and why you shouldn't be afraid of it)2018-10-12
Martin WinterOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2018-10-17
Alastair StrachanRIPE NCC ServicesC. RIPE Community Project Fund2018-10-17
Costas IordanouPlenaryTracing Cross Border Web Tracking2018-10-12
Maria ApostolakiPlenaryRouting Attacks in Bitcoin2018-10-13
Steinthor BjarnasonPlenaryWithstanding the Infinite: DDoS Defense in the Terabit Era2018-10-13
Thomas WeibleOpening Plenary400G - Don’t Get Confused with this Transceiver Generation2018-10-14
Florian StreibeltPlenaryBGP Communities: A measurement study.2018-10-15
Ondřej CaletkaDNSE. Managing DNS zones using Git2018-10-15
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - RIPE2018-10-15
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - RIPE NCC2018-10-15
Maxime MouchetMATLearning network states from RTT measurements2018-10-15
Jordi Palet MartinezTutorialIPv6-only Deployment in Broadband and Cellular Networks2018-10-15
Benno OvereinderOpening PlenaryBenno Overeinder, RIPE Programme Committee Chair2018-10-15
Benno Overeinder and Jan ŽoržBCOP Task ForceA. Opening, Administrative, Global Activities [5 min]2018-10-15
Henrik KramshoejPlenaryVXLAN Security or Injection2018-10-15
Marco HogewoningIoT2. RIPE NCC Update2018-10-15
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryHans Petter Holen, RIPE Chair2018-10-15
Emile AbenPlenaryZombie Routes2018-10-15
Job SnijdersRoutingArchitecting Robust BGP Routing Policies2018-10-16
Shane KerrBoFRIPE Navel Gazing: Who Are We? Who Do We Want To Be?2018-10-15
Daniel KoppPlenaryHPIMP: Measuring Booter Services2018-10-15
Olafur GudmundssonBCOP Task ForceC. Implications of DNS over anything but UDP2018-10-15
Niels ten OeverPlenary'This is not how we imagined it' - Technological Affordances, Economic Drivers and the Internet Architecture Imaginary2018-10-16
Michael RichardsonIoT3. The Internet of Threats: Fighting FUD with MUD2018-10-16
Constanze DietrichPlenaryThe Human Factors of Security Misconfigurations - Let's Fix the Weakest Link2018-10-16
Daniel KarrenbergPlenaryWhy It is Important to Remember Jon Postel2018-10-16
Sasha RomijnOpen SourceIRRd version 4: the why, how, and the future2018-10-17
Andy WingoPlenary8 Ways Network Engineers use Snabb2018-10-16
Tim WattenbergMATMeasuring Global DNS Propagation Times Using RIPE Atlas2018-10-16
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2018-10-16
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update2018-10-16
Ignas BagdonasPlenaryThe Sunset of VXLAN2018-10-16
Andy WingoOpen SourceD. Fast, Simple User-Space Network Functions with Snabb2018-10-16
Katharine JarmulPlenaryMachine Learning with Networking Data2018-10-16
George NomikosConnect2. Uncovering Remote Peering Interconnections at IXPs2018-10-16
Tom StrickxPlenaryTechnical Debt: an Anycast Story2018-10-16
William SylvesterPlenaryRIPE Accountability Task Force Report2018-10-16
Vesna ManojlovicPlenaryResults of the Quantum Internet Hackathon2018-10-16
Den IsDatabaseE. Discussion: PERSON objects in the RIPE Database2018-10-16
Fergal CunninghamAddress PolicyNRO NC Election 20182018-10-17
Ingrid WijteAddress PolicyE. Country Codes in the Extended Delegated Statistics and RIPE DB2018-10-16
Ingrid WijteDatabaseD. Country Code Use in RIPE DB and Extended Delegated Statistics2018-10-16
Kevin VermeulenMATE. Multilevel MDA-Lite Paris Traceroute2018-10-17
Ignas BagdonasRoutingA. Administrative Matters2018-10-17
Florence LavroffConnect5. Connect Update2018-10-17
Thomas KingConnect5B. DE-CIX New York – Renumbering – Heads-up2018-10-17
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyD. IPv4 End-Game and Afterlife2018-10-17
Ingrid WijteDatabaseD. Country Code Use in RIPE DB and Extended Delegated Statistics2018-10-17
Peter HesslerOpen SourceOpenBGPD / OpenBSD update2018-10-18
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyAPWG steering slides2018-10-17
Jordi Palet MartinezAddress Policy2018-02 Assignment Clarification in IPv6 Policy2018-10-17
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesD. RIPE NCC Operational Update2018-10-17
Sara Veronica MarcollaRIPE NCC ServicesPolicy Proposal 2018-05 - Publication of Legal Address of Internet Number Resource Holders2018-10-17
Nick HilliardConnectRPKI at IXP Route Servers2018-10-17
Alexander IsavninAddress PolicyNeed for support of IP Connectivity in RIPE policies2018-10-17
Andy DavidsonConnect3. MANRS IXP Programme - Follow Up2018-10-17
Will van GulikConnect1. Opening2018-10-17
Bijal SanghaniConnect5a. Euro-IX update2018-10-17
Job SnijdersRoutingPolicy Proposal 2018-06: Cleaning up RIPE-NONAUTH2018-10-17
Pascal MERINDOLRoutingC. TNT: Revealing or Detecting all MPLS Tunnels2018-10-17
Jaap van Oss, Manon den DunnenIoT4. Police Perspective on IoT, Challenges and Strategy2018-10-17
Pascal MERINDOLRoutingC. TNT: Revealing or Detecting all MPLS Tunnels2018-10-17
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2018-10-17
Trinh Viet DoanMATD. Tracing the Path to YouTube2018-10-17
Oliver GasserIPv6Clusters in the Expanse: Understanding and Unbiasing IPv6 Hitlists2018-10-17
Ermias WalelgneMATA. Factors Affecting Performance of Web Flows in Cellular Networks2018-10-17
Nina BargisenMATAgenda2018-10-17
Martin HoffmannRoutingWe :rocket: RPKI2018-10-17
Rumy Spratley-KanisRIPE NCC ServicesE. Training Services Credentialing Initiative2018-10-17
Sara DickinsonDNSI. Updated Measurements on DNS Privacy2018-10-17
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Update2018-10-17
Suzanne TaylorCooperationHow EU Regulation Affects You2018-10-17
Julf HelsingiusCooperation2. Update on the ICANN EPDP on WHOIS/GDPR2018-10-17
Martin HoffmannOpen SourceOxidising RPKI2018-10-17
Mircea UlinicOpen SourceThree Years of Automating Large Scale Networks Using Salt2018-10-17
Carlos FriacasAnti-AbuseE1. LIRs from Outside the RIPE NCC Service Region2018-10-17
Jen LinkovaIPv62. IPv6 Work at IETF (v6ops/6man WGs updates)2018-10-17
Chris BuckridgeCooperation1. ITU Plenipotentiary: Preparations, Expectations and Concerns2018-10-17
Herve ClementCooperation4. ETNO & RIPE Cooperation2018-10-18
Alexander AzimovRoutingE. BGP Route Security - Cycling to the Future2018-10-18
Ignas BagdonasRoutingA. Administrative Matters2018-10-18
Jens LinkIPv64. We Don't Need IPv6 - Update2018-10-18
Martin HoffmannRoutingWe Rocket RPKI2018-10-18
Alexander AzimovRoutingG. RIPE-NOAUTH - Is It Alive?2018-10-18
Angela Dall'AraAnti-AbuseAbuse-C Validation - Implementation Update2018-10-18
Thomas StolsIoTSecurity Problems in IoT2018-10-18
Benedikt StockebrandIPv6The Art of Running Out of IPv6 Addresses2018-10-18
John CurranNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2018-10-18
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update RIPE Database2018-10-18
Jordi Palet MartinezAnti-AbuseC2. abuse-c Validation Proposal: Status in Other RIRs and the Way Forward2018-10-18
Anna WilsonNRO/RIR ReportsDeveloping a RIPE Chair Selection Process2018-10-18
Keith MitchellDNSWhat we did last OARC (updated)2018-10-18
Dhia MahjoubAnti-AbuseCriminal Abuse in RIPE IP Space2018-10-18
Ondřej CaletkaDNSAutomating DS updates in the RIPE DB2018-10-18
Benno OvereinderDNSH. IETF DNSOP WG Update2018-10-18
Anand BuddhdevDNSF. RIPE NCC Report2018-10-18
Erik BaisDatabaseC. 2018-06 RIPE-NONAUTH Improvement Project2018-10-18
Arman NoroozianIoT6. The Internet-of-Insecure-Things: Causes, Trends and Responses2018-10-18
Kim DaviesNRO/RIR ReportsIANA Numbers Function Update2018-10-18
Jordi Palet MartinezDNSIETF v6ops DNS-related drafts2018-10-18
Nikolas PediaditisNRO/RIR ReportsInternet number resource status report2018-10-18
Paul WilsonNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Survey 20182018-10-18
Paul WilsonNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Update2018-10-18
Louis PoinsignonClosing PlenaryRPKI: Our Approach to Deploying at Scale2018-10-18
Alan BarrettNRO/RIR ReportsAFRINIC2018-10-18
Oscar Robles GarayNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC2018-10-19
Hans Petter HolenNRO/RIR ReportsRole of the RIPE Chair2018-10-19
Artyom GavrichenkovClosing PlenaryWrong, wrong, WRONG! methods of DDoS mitigation2018-10-19
Sander SteffannClosing PlenaryThe IPv6-Only Flag2018-10-19
Louis PoinsignonClosing PlenaryRPKI: Our Approach to Deploying at Scale2018-10-19
Amanda GowlandClosing PlenaryThe Most Relevant, Least Technical RIPE Meeting Presentation Ever?2018-10-19
Răzvan C. OpreaClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2018-10-19
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2018-10-19