Monday, 15 October 09:00 - 11:00

IPv6-only Deployment in Broadband and Cellular Networks
Jordi Palet Martinez, The IPv6 Company

This tutorial will introduce the different IPv6-only transition technologies that apply to both, broadband and cellular networks, comparing them, and discussing the required steps to deploy IPv6-only with IPv4-as-a-service (IPv4aaS) in an ISP/enterprise network.

The transition mechanisms will include:
  • Dual-stack
  • Tunnelling (DS-Lite, lw4o6, MAP-E, …)
  • Translation (MAP-T, 464XLAT, NAT64, …)

The main effort will be devoted to how to setup NAT64, DNS64 and 464XLAT and the implications for DNSSEC and possible solution approaches, based on the IETF work:

A real setup of a NAT64 using open source, DNS64 and CLAT, will be demonstrated and participants will be able to test by themselves, connecting to a dedicated SSID.

Where: Main Room


Monday, 15 October 09:00 - 11:00

Learning P4 by Example
Aaron A. Glenn The next evolutionary step in defining networks with software is programming the data plane. P4 is a domain specific language designed with protocol independence, target independence, and re-configurability as central design goals. Lending to its domain specificity, one does not need to be a software engineer or "programmer" to write useful, production quality P4 programs.

In this tutorial we'll go over:
  • What the P4 language is (and is not)
  • Components of a data plane and packet processing
  • Fundamental P4 language concepts
  • P4Runtime, the control plane interface
We'll end with writing a (very) simple IPv6 router in P4 and running it using the canonical open source development tools maintained by the P4 Association.

Where: Side Room

Monday, 15 October 09:00 - 11:00

RIPE Database Updates & Extras
Alvaro Vives, RIPE NCC

In this two-hour tutorial we will cover different aspects of the RIPE Database that are perhaps not so well known to the wider community, as well as new features aimed at improving user experience.

Topics we will talk about:
  • Domain Objects Creation Wizard
  • RESTful API
  • NWI-7: abuse-c implementation
  • NWI-5: Out of region route(6)/aut-num
Where: Tutorial Room