Wednesdays are when RIPE Meetings shift gear and the working groups kick into action. Those of us who went overboard at last night’s social at Escape were probably not enjoying the 9 am start but no matter – the show must go on! It was a packed day both in terms of the agenda and attendees – with 760 people checked-in and 828 registered by day’s end – making this the biggest RIPE Meeting so-far.

Here are some highlights from today:


  • DNS OARC Update from Kieth Mitchell.
  • The Internet didn’t break with the KSK rollover – Edward Lewis gave a behind-the-scenes recap from ICANN’s perspective, while Petr Špaček highlighted a tool to test whether your website’s DNS might break instead in 2019 due to non-compliant DNS standards.

Address Policy I

  • As the RIPE NCC approaches full IPv4 exhaustion, Andrea Cima presented some thoughts and ideas to the working group. Should we add more address space to the pool reserved for IXPs? What about the tiny pieces of returned IPv4 address space – ranging from /25 to /29? And what to do with address space that is returned to the RIPE NCC after runout?

Connect WG

  • There was a presentation on discovering remote peers at IXPs: remote peering is a significantly common practice in all the IXPs studied and for the largest IXPs, remote peers account for 40% of their member base. Research also shows that today IXP growth is mainly driven by remote peering, which contributes two times more than local peering.
  • DE-CIX announced that in January 2019 they will be blocking their old IPv4 space.
  • There was a discussion about how the WG could improve, perhaps by making anonymous contributions possible or finding presenters from different regions.

Address Policy II

Routing I

  • A proposal from Job Snijders, Martin Levy and Erik Bais on how to clean up RIPE-NONAUTH data using RPKI was hotly debated and will spill into the WG’s second session on Thursday. Marco Schmidt, RIPE NCC, reminded everyone to state their opinions on the Routing WG Mailing List so they can be officially considered in the PDP.


RIPE NCC Services WG

As is the custom on Wednesdays, the day ended with everyone unceremoniously ejected from the main room shortly after the close of the RIPE NCC Services Working Group – so that members could be allowed back in ceremoniously for the RIPE NCC General Meeting.

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