RIPE Networking App

Networking with RIPE Meeting attendees has never been easier!

The RIPE Networking App is built by the RIPE NCC and uses open-source software.

Use the app to:

A screenshot of the RIPE Networking App
  • Create a profile and use tags to indicate interests
  • Schedule meetings with app users throughout the meeting week
  • Customise your schedule by indicating when you aren’t available
  • Search for users by name, organisation and title
  • Send messages to app users
  • View the attendee list, even those not using the app (this is available once attendees are ‘checked in’ at the venue)

You’ll need a RIPE NCC Access account to use the app.

To learn more, check out the RIPE Labs article.

You can access the app in the browser or you can download it from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

We have new features and improvements in version 2.1

  • Switch easily between events in the “Switch Event” button in the “More” tab
  • Message broadcast feature for the event organiser
  • Easily edit existing meetings and ask attendees to re-confirm their attendance
  • In-app messages and other text can now be selected and copied
  • Easier to accept/reject meeting invitations
  • Switching between app users and meeting attendees will take the current search query into account

Need help with the app?

Stop by the RIPE Networking App helpdesk outside the meeting rooms and someone will help answer your questions and collect feedback.