Anti-Abuse Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 18 October 11:00 - 12:30

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Scribe, Jabber, Stenography
  • Microphone Etiquette
  • Approve Minutes from RIPE 76
  • Finalise Agenda

B. Update

  • B1. Working Group Chair Selection
  • B2. Recent List Discussion
C. Policies
  • C1. RIPE NCC Update on 2017-02
    Angela Dall'Ara, RIPE NCC
  • C2. abuse-c Validation Proposal: Status in Other RIRs and the Way Forward
    Jordi Palet Martinez
D. Interactions

E. Presentations

  • E1. LIRs from Outside the RIPE NCC Service Region
    Carlos Friacas
  • E2. Criminal Abuse in RIPE IP Space
    Dhia Mahjoub
X. A.O.B.
Z. Agenda for RIPE 78