Tuesday, 16 October 18:00 - 19:00

RIPE Navel Gazing: Who Are We? Who Do We Want To Be?
Shane Kerr

The RIPE community changes all the time; both the people and the technical and other topics discussed. Still, there are some core values and practices that have remained throughout the years.

Private, ad hoc discussions about RIPE happen at every RIPE Meeting. Lets take some time to have a public, wider discussion.

Some teaser questions:
  • How big should a RIPE Meeting be?
  • What balance should we have between reliance on the RIPE NCC and the independence of RIPE
  • How important is it to maintain institutional knowledge, versus getting new people and ideas?
No specific outcome is expected from the BoF, but if there is enough interest in any particular idea then the people enthusiastic about it can move forward with individual effort or by forming groups to do work.

Where: Main Room

Minutes of the RIPE Navel Gazing BoF

Thursday, 18 October 18:00 - 19:00

RIPE Data Centre Working Group
Yousef Naimi

Why doesn't RIPE have a separate working group for data centre management and issues? While it may look like such a working group might overlap with other WGs like Connect, there are a lot of issues related to the data centre world that RIPE does not cover in its current WGs. The proposed WG can compile and act as a bridge between these venues and RIPE.

  • Automation and SDN
  • Data centre architecture and emerging networks
  • Data centre policies towards content
  • Data centre and cloud-based services pricing
Where: Main Room