Internet of Things Working Group Agenda

Thursday, 18 October 16:00 - 17:30

1. Administravia
2. RIPE NCC Update
Marco Hogewoning, RIPE NCC
3. The Internet of Threats: Fighting FUD with MUD
Michael Richardson, Sandelman Software Works

For many Internet organisations, the #1 risk on their risk register is a large-scale (Dyn like) DDoS attack. One of the mitigation mechanisms for this risk is to prevent the weaponisation of consumer grade connected devices - to keep Things from becoming Threats. What we need are security controls that will protect IoT devices from the Internet, and to protect the Internet from IoT devices. CIRALabs's Secure Home Gateway project is developing a comprehensive extension to the common OpenWRT code base to include processing of IETF standard Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) files.
4. Police Perspective on IoT, Challenges and Strategy
Jaap van Oss, Manon den Dunnen, Politie

The accelerated deployment of IoT is reshaping society and offers new opportunities and threats in the area of safety. Privacy, security and collaboration are fundamental in addressing the challenges. In this presentation, we'll share how we look at the IoT domain, what steps we take and the struggles we face.
5. Security Problems in IoT
Thomas Stols, Computest

Computest has a lot of experience (security) testing various IoT devices. During this talk, we’ll give the viewer some insight in common security problems we see during our daily work.
6. The Internet-of-Insecure-Things: Causes, Trends and Responses
Arman Noroozian, TU Delft

We know poorly secured IoT devices are flooding our markets. And we know they get compromised at scale. Why is this so hard to stop? We look at the underlying causes for why this problem persists. Next, we explore data on where compromised IoT is located, what kind of devices are affected and which networks have the higher concentrations. We end by exploring different responses to help mitigate these threats, with a special focus on the role of network operators.
7. AOB