09:02 < stucchi> Good morning everyone! I'm Max Stucchi, from RIPE NCC, and will be the chat monitor for this session
09:02 < stucchi> if you have any questions, I will be relaying them to the audience in the room
09:04 < stucchi> Keith Mitchell is now giving an update on the DNS OARC
09:06 < ripe_742> any way to turn up the volume of the stream? I have all volume knobs at max and am still struggling to hear what he is saying
09:08 < ripe_742> nice! thank you
09:08 < stucchi> :)
09:09 < stucchi> ripe_742: my colleagues were already on it
09:20 < stucchi> Keith Mitchell is asking for questions
09:21 < stucchi> If you have any question for the presenter, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation.
09:21 < stucchi> The presentation has ended
09:21 < stucchi> Roy Arends has begun the presentation "Update on the Root KSK Roll"
09:21 < stucchi> Actually, differently from the Agenda, Edward Lewis is presenting right now
09:22 < keith_oarc> for slides, video etc
09:32 < stucchi> Edward Lewis has asked for questions
09:40 < stucchi> The presentation from Edward Lewis shas ended
09:40 < stucchi> Petr Špaček has begun the presentation "Will your DNS break in 2019?"
09:48 < stucchi> Petr Spacek has asked for questions
09:55 < stucchi> The presentation from Petr Spacek has ended
09:56 < stucchi> Ondrej Caletka has begun the presentation "Managing DNS zones using Git"
10:26 < stucchi> Ondrej Caletka has asked for questions
10:27 < stucchi> I can relay any question or comment you might have, so please ask.
10:32 < stucchi> The presentation has ended
10:32 < stucchi> The session has ended
10:32 < stucchi> The session has ended
10:32 < stucchi> See you at the next sessions!