11:01 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm xxx from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:01 < Rumy_RIPENCC> xxx = Rumy :)
11:02 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Louis Ponsignon from Cloudflare has begun the presentation "RPKI: Our Approach to Deploying at Scale".
11:18 < ripe_768> Jason (as person): Question: What percentage of your routers are currently doing strict RPKI based Route Origin Validation? Do you have a rough timeline when it will be at 100%?
11:19 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Thank you, I will read your comment out when the presenter asks for questions.
11:19 < Rumy_RIPENCC> can you tell me your name and organization please?
11:20 < ripe_768> Jason, no affiliation
11:20 < ripe_768> Are you measuring how much traffic you are currently getting from RPKI INVALID IP address space and if so: can you share some rough figures? (0 traffic, very few traffic, or substantial amount of traffic)
11:20 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Jason, does that answer your question?
11:21 < Rumy_RIPENCC> will read your question!
11:23 < ripe_768> I support Tim's statement about "outsourcing validation"
11:24 < Rumy_RIPENCC> any other questions for Louis?
11:27 < ripe_768> There is a delta of about 1500 ROAs if we compare Cloudflare's data feed with what a RIPE NCC Validator 3 provides, do you know why there is such a big difference? (60k - cloudflare, 61,5k by a local validator instance)
11:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Hi Jason, would you like me to read that out?
11:28 < ripe_768> yes please
11:28 < ripe_768> and one more thing: Big thank you for pushing RPKI
11:28 < Rumy_RIPENCC> will do!
11:31 < Rumy_RIPENCC> The presentation has now ended
11:31 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Razvan Oprea from RIPE NCC has begun the presentation “RIPE NCC Technical Report”
11:32 < ripe_768> Rumy, thanks for asking my questions!
11:33 < Rumy_RIPENCC> you're very welcome Jason!
11:40 < Rumy_RIPENCC> any questions for Razvan?
11:41 < Rumy_RIPENCC> The presentation has now ended
11:41 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Amanda Gowland has begun the presentation "The Most Relevant, Least Technical RIPE Meeting Presentation Ever?”
11:48 < Rumy_RIPENCC> are there any comments or questions for Amanda?
11:52 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Sander Staffann has begun the presentation “The IPv6-Only Flag”
11:53 < ripe_153> great her's presentation is already over
11:54 < Rumy_RIPENCC> did you want to ask a question?
11:58 < Rumy_RIPENCC> any "opinions" for Sander? :)
12:02 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Töma Gavrichenkov from Qrator Labs has begun the presentation "Wrong, wrong, WRONG! methods of DDoS mitigation”
12:09 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Are there any questions or comments for Töma?
12:12 < Rumy_RIPENCC> the presentation has now ended
12:13 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Hans Petter Holen has begun his Closing Remarks
12:24 < Tykling> Hello, if you want people to ask questions using an app, then please, for the love of everything good and right in this world, make the app fully open source! Thanks
12:24 < Tykling> This was a comment from thomas of the internet
12:25 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Thank you Thomas, do you want me to relay your comment?
12:26 < Rumy_RIPENCC> or if you prefer I can submit it through our internal feedback channels
12:26 < Tykling> Yes please :) the ripe networking app is not open source, which is why Im mentioning it
12:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> I will pass it on, bot pieces of feedback :)
12:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> *both
12:27 < Tykling> Thanks muchly
12:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> This session has now ended
12:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Or has it?
12:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> See you all in RIPE 78!