11:01 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hello. Welcome to IPv6 WG. My name is Gergana from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:05 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Jen Linkova, WG Co-Chair started her presentation on IPv6 Work at IETF.
11:35 < frinnst> comic sans? D;
11:35 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Jen Linkova has asked for questions.
11:45 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Oliver Gasser has begun his presentation Clusters in the Expanse: Understanding and Unbiasing IPv6 Hitlists.
12:01 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Oliver Gasser has asked for questions.
12:03 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Jens Link has begun his presentation "We Don't Need IPv6".
12:11 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Jens Link has asked for questions.
12:13 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Benedikt Stockebrand has begun his presentation "The Art of Running Out of IPv6 Addresses".
12:31 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Benedikt Stockebrand has asked for questions.
12:32 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The session has ended.