09:01 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Good morning everyone! My name is Ulka and I work for the RIPE NCC.
09:01 < Ulka_RIPENCC> If you have any questions for the speakers I will ask them on your behalf at the mic. Please keep in mind there might be a delay of upto 45 seconds for remote participants.
09:02 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Please do get your questions in early.
09:02 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Chris Buckridge of the RIPE NCC has begun in his presentation "ITU Plenipotentiary: Preparations, Expectations and Concerns"
09:03 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Also please make sure to state your name and affiliation while sending in your questions.
09:05 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
09:20 < Ulka_RIPENCC> The presenter has called for questions.
09:34 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Chris Buckridge's presentation has ended.
09:34 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Julf Helsingius has started his presentation 'Update on the ICANN EPDP on WHOIS/GDPR'
09:41 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Julf has called for questions
09:45 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Julf's presentation has ended.
09:46 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Arnold van Rhijn has begun his presentation 'EuroDIG 2019: An Invitation'
09:56 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Arnold has called for questions.
09:57 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Arnold's presentation has ended/
09:58 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Hervé Clement has begun his presentation "ETNO & RIPE Cooperation"
10:06 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Hervé is asking for questions.
10:08 < Ulka_RIPENCC> And Hervé's presentation has ended.
10:09 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Suzanne Taylor of the RIPE NCC is now starting her presentation "How EU Regulation Affects You"
10:17 < Paul_Wilson> On Intermediary Liability, you may be interested in the "Manila Principles" which were developed during a RightsCon event a few years ago.
10:17 < Paul_Wilson> They cover issues such as rule of law, transparency, due process etc etc, in actions such as filtering and take-downs.
10:17 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Thank's Paul - would you like me to read out your comment?
10:18 < Ulka_RIPENCC> And could you state with which organisation you are affiliated?
10:18 < Paul_Wilson> Interesting in the the principles were mostly developed by Civil Society, but they are also of interest and useful in supporting the rights of intermediaries themselves (eg ISPs, content providers etc).
10:18 < Paul_Wilson> I'm with APNIC. Watching remotely. :-)
10:18 < Paul_Wilson> see
10:19 < Ulka_RIPENCC> I'll read out your comments once Suzanne asks for questions
10:19 < Paul_Wilson> If there is time, you could read this out. Thanks.
10:19 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Suzanne has called for questions.
10:28 < Ulka_RIPENCC> Suzanne's presentation has ended.
10:29 < Ulka_RIPENCC> The session has ended.